Our Clients

Every family wishes for success and a life without having to worry about money. But how do you transform that wish into an actionable plan for success? At Viva Financial, our clients are individuals and families just like us – hard-working people that want to care for and protect the things that matter most.

We help our clients take their personal goals and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve them. As a solutions-based firm, our process is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

You present an issue, challenge, or concern that may impact your financial wellbeing.

Using our knowledge and experience, we select a strategy designed to solve that issue or alleviate that concern.

We guide you through implementation, providing ongoing coaching and mentoring.

Oftentimes, a client has more than one goal in mind. Maybe they are concerned about retiring on time, but also want to find a way to pay for their children’s college. If you have multiple goals or challenges impacting your life, we will create a comprehensive financial plan to guide your financial transformation.

A financial plan is a written document that is intended to address all of your concerns. Just as life inevitably changes, your financial plan is intended to change as well.

By creating a financial plan, we can more easily prepare for your needs and guide you through the years as you hit financial milestones, such as purchasing a house, paying for college, retirement, and creating a sustainable income stream.

Learn more about what goes into a financial plan. Visit our Services page.

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